Civil Work at Cell sites

  • Foundation of site (TOWER , DG,BTS SPS, IPMS I55 OD BTS).
  • Boundary wall / Fencing.
  • Civil Pads for different equipment.
  • Additional requirement as per site condition.
  • Pole site foundation.
  • Safety fencing for RTT site.


Sundigo Solar Solutions : work jal Nigam Gonda
  • Construction of Staff quarter & Office room : Provide all materials labor, T&P etc construct room staff quarter & office room at water works site identified by the Engineer-in- charge as per department type design and drawing and specifications of civil works laid down in the bid document, including all material labor, T&P etc complete for proper completion of work as per instructions of Engineer -in - charge. (Drawing No.D-7),Wiring and plumbing work includes, In case of any variance in room size, costing will be reduced accordingly.
  • Pump House Construction : Provide all materials, labor, T&P etc complete and construct Pump house size (3.6x3.0x3.0)m Chlorinating room size (2.80x1.5x3.0)m as per departmental type design and drawing (drawing no-D-2) and as per the specifications for civil work given in the bid document, including supply of all material, labor and T&P etc complete as per instructions of Engineer -in –charge.
  • Construction of Boundary Wall : 1.3 m high and 115mm thick boundary wall with 230 mmx230 mm thick pillar made in Brick masonry in 1 cement and 4 sand mortar, the spacing between two pillar should not be more than 3.0 m c/c and the depth of foundation should not be less than 0.60m, at the site of water works as per departmental type design and drawing, and, as per specifications given in the bid document including supply of all materials, labour T&P etc.for proper completion of work as per instructions of Engineer -in -charge. (Drawing No.D-1)


  1. Sundigo Solar . works in Civil work S Electrical IP Colo Reliance JIO with Civil Foundation
  2. Cosmo Ifrasolutions work in Civil Foundation And SPS Electrical on site Rectification Punch point and New Build Site Connection and Installation 3 – Phase.
  3. Galaxy Networks woks in P1 and upgrade site installation with civil foundation SPS,SMPS , IP55,IPMS Equipment Installation and three phase supply on site and Pole Mount Installation.
  4. Apana tech India Pvt. Ltd. Work in only Electrical Field as 11000 Volt Supply on site Indus Tower. with Transformer installation and Meter box to supply PIU.
  5. GTS Technology work in UPE E node B Sector Addition ,BTS Installation With Commissioning, Integration.
  6. KEI Industry Limited working RGGVY Project LT And HT Line installation along with Power Supply.
  7. TATA Project Ltd. working BRGY & DDUGJY Project LT And HT Line installation along with Power Supply.
  8. Solar Power Project with Starling & wilson , Mahindra , NTPC .


  • Telecom Site O&M
  • Telecom Site Comprehensive Services
  • Fixed Cost Energy Models
  • Site Security & Caretaker Services.
  • Telecom TSP Work


Commissioning of all type of Solar Structures Installation, Installation of lightning & Earthing protection System, DC cabling, Operation & Maintenance of solar PV power plants, Commercials & Rooftops.
  • Strong team for Erection, Installation, Commission of Solar Project. 
  • Commissioned more than 33 MW Solar PV projects in all over India.
  • Experience in Solar Power Project Erection & Commissioning.
  • More than 80 Skilled & Unskilled Manpower & Sub Contractor agencies.


  • Survey Equipments.
  • JCB & loader for shifting PV modules & structure.
  • Torque wrench (5-35Nm) & DC 1000V Insulation testers Impact screw Driver, Auto Reverse/ Forward screw driver
  • Auto level meter Structure.
  • Angle Tester along with direction Megara & Earth tester manual crimping tools- 0.5 to 185 sq mm.
  • Solar cable connectors MC4/MC3/ Tyco crimping tools.
  • Hydraulic crimping tools.
  • Inverter Richet set.


  • Loading Un-loading, Shifting of solar structure & substation structure.
  • Pre-assembly ,Erection & Installation of Solar structure & Substation structure.
  • Erection & Installation of outdoor Switchyard up to 220 KV including LA,VCB, SF6, CT/ PT, Transformer & Metering system


  • Grounding or Earthing to combiner boxes & structures.
  • String monitoring system, Erection, Installation & Commissioning of Inverter.
  • Generation cable laying & termination.
  • Sand bed Filling, Brick Filling, back Filling of Cable.
  • Trench Generation cable Termination to Inverter.
  • Complete Earthing Solution & Lightning protection solution.


  • Loading, Un-loading, Shifting of Substation Equipments,
  • Erection & Installation of Structures, CT/PT, LA, Breakers, Isolators & Transformers
  • Cable tray installation Cable laying & termination,
  • Installation of HT Panels, RMU Panels, Auxiliary panel etc., Grounding or Earthing system for sub station
  • Marking & Excavation of cable Trench/Ditch Generation cable laying & termination
  • Sand bed Filling, Back Filling of Cable trench Generation cable termination to transformers

Services –Operational Excellence

  • Operations
  • Supervision
  • Field Co Ordination
  • Reduce energy costs.
  • Out come based delivery model.
  • Fixed Energy
  • Improved site up time

Electrical Work at Cell Sites

  • Indoor electrical work
  • Outdoor electrical work
  • Equipment up gradation.
  • MCB & Power cable installation.
  • SPS Installation .
  • Battery Bank Installation

Electrical Experience work (RGGVY,DDGVY,BRGF)

  • KEI Industries Limited work in (UPE And UPW) - Work of Segregation of 11 kv rural feeder for Agriculture or Non-agriculture load, Erection of 11 Kv feeders on PCC poles with ACSR Rabbit Conductor, Installation of New Transformers & 11 Kv VCB Switchgears with outgoing CTR.
  • Technofeb Engineering Limited work in (Bihar dist-Banka) - Feeder separation and Rural Electrification work.
  • EMC Power Limited work in Bihar (Aurangabad ) -Work of Segregation of 11 kv rural feeder for Agriculture or Non-agriculture load, Erection of 11 Kv feeders on PCC poles with ACSR Rabbit Conductor, Installation of New Transformers & 11 Kv VCB Switchgears with outgoing CTR.
  • Cabcon India Pvt. Ltd. Work in Bihar (Aurangabad)- Work of Segregation of 11 kv rural feeder for Agriculture or Non-agriculture load, Erection of 11 Kv feeders on PCC poles with ACSR Rabbit Conductor, Installation of New Transformers & 11 Kv VCB Switchgears with outgoing CTR.
  • Vikran Engineering Axin Pvt. Ltd. (Aurangabad),Gaya,Jahanabad,Arawal – Service Connection For 1-Phase APL Households[Drawing are attached for reference
  • Taking delivery from SBPDCL store, loading transporting, unloading at site and installation of single phase services connection at door bell location with Meter, Board ,MCCB ,and Meter Box grouting and faxing of service pipe by use of admixed of comment sand cheep along with fitting of rag bolt, earth clamp ect stringing of service wire and reel insulator connection of GI wire from earth of LT line. connection of earthing terminal of meter with support GI wire and connection with earthing of consumer if any as per adopting procedure given below technical specification:
  • Fixing grouting of service pipe which included making of hole on the wall passing the services pipe through wall and fitting of erath clamp at suitable place.
  • Fixing of rag bolt for the supporting of service pipe with use of 10 no.SWG wire with use of ad mixer of sand, cement and cheep including fixing of service pipe with rag bolt and earth clamp arrangement quantity of cement sand and chips should be appropriate to ensure proper fixing
  • Stringing of Bearer wire 10 SWG from services pipe up to pole and laying of PVC wire through suitable porcelain reel insulator with the support of bearer wire from over head LT line( SMD/bare conductor)up meter box/Meter board.
  • Meter board will be fitted on the wall with 5 No. proper size of screw. There after meter will be fitted on board in box in an allied fitting /connection with MCB.
  • Draw a PVC wire through service pipe to earthing who’s one end in connected to bearer wire near service pipe to anther end to earth Knob/Bolt mounted on meter board or near the meter box.
  • If earthing system is available in the primacies of consumer then the earth wire system will be connected to earth Knob/bolt.
  • Schedule for Installation as SMDB on Existing Poles Of LT Line to provide service Connections Installation of Mounting of SMDB Boxes along with connection with AB cable through PG clamp/insulator piercing connectors along with all accessories complete in the all aspect connection of SMBD shall be done from the existing cable used for LT line extension

OFC Work

  • OFC Project work
  • Expertise manpower with us for project work new connectivity work Trenching Ducting including cable blowing ,Termination, Jointing &HDD.
  • EOFC maintenance work O&M Patch Replacement
  • O&M Services FRT Team

Site Upgradation

  • DG / PIU / BB upgradation
  • Outdoor electrical work.
  • Coordination with O&M team
  • Load upgradation

Site Upgradation

  • Field Management
  • Process Compliance
  • In house Diesel Filling team with specialization in reducing Thefts and sabotages Up to 99.99% .
  • Reach till district level.
  • Familiarity with geographical terrain throughout the circle.
  • Good Liaoning with State Electricity Board/ land owners/ Local
  • Political and Police Support.
  • Ensure complete security to avoid power & meter tapping, diesel
  • inventory theft.
  • Presence in UP East.
  • Presence in UP West.


  • KTIS provides a kaleidoscope of specialized services, which house include keeping uniformed guarding services, care taker, national and international investigators, executive management, protection, hi-tech event security system and advanced security training.
  • KTIS Imparts site security for all telecom cell sites with guaranteed SLA outcomes. 
  • KTIS has set new standards in Security & Facility Management Industry.
  • KTIS has a team of Ex Army/ Air force and Red. Police Management team for penetrated social connect.
  • Knowing the telecom sector KTIS carries all best practices to ensure a trouble free network management without any human errors.
  • KTIS provide the manpower supply As a Engineers, supervisor, technician, and Management Employ outsource.
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